Meet the WordCamp Omaha Speakers: Frankie Jarrett


Frankie Jarrett is a full-stack developer from St. Joseph, Missouri who has been building PHP web applications and WordPress products since 2007. He is Senior WordPress Product Engineer at GoDaddy and loves the fact that he gets to work with WordPress every single day.

From launching his own theme shop in 2011, to building large-scale enterprise websites, authoring dozens of plugins, and now creating amazing product experiences on GoDaddy’s managed hosting platform – WordPress has always been at the center of Frankie’s career, and he plans to keep it that way!

Outside of work, Frankie is the director of music and worship at his local church. He enjoys being a new dad to his newborn son, Rivers, traveling with his wife, Gracie, smoking his own BBQ and yelling at the TV during sports games.

Hometown: St. Joseph, Mo.

Contact: | @fjarrett

Session: WP-CLI: A Practical Guide For The Rest of Us

All too often designers and developers alike wince at the phrase “command line interface”. In this talk I’m going to prove that you don’t need a neckbeard to use the terminal. If you like the idea of getting more work done in less time, or if you’re just down right curious about what this WP-CLI stuff is all about, then this session is for you!

WordCamp Omaha 2015 is happening Oct. 10-11 at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus. Get tickets today!