Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe is a career storyteller who has worked as a journalist, a nonprofit executive, and a content marketing strategist and consultant. His digital initiatives have been recognized globally. He is currently helping hospitals across the United States share their authentic stories.

He is a globally-recognized content marketing expert who frequently speaks at global conferences – including Content Marketing World – about social media, blogging and executive buy-in. The Content Marketing Institute acknowledged him as a 2014 and 2015 Top 100 Most Influential Content Marketer. Among other awards, he was also named a most influential content marketer on Twitter by London-based Axonn Media.

Hometown: Marion, Iowa


Julie Kuehl

Hey there! I am a freelance WordPress developer and own straightFORWARD Web Solutions where I build kick-ass websites for awesome people.

Hometown: Moorhead, Minn.

Contactjuliekuehl.com | @JulieKuehl

Dave Navarro, Jr.

Dave is the Digital Media Director for WIBW Radio in Topeka, Kansas and KGNC Radio in Amarillo, Texas where he builds WordPress web sites for the radio industry. He has specialized in mobile web development using PHP and CSS to build plugins and child-themes for WordPress. He is engaged to the love of his life, with whom he shares custody of their dog, Zoey.

Hometown: Topeka, Kan.

Contact: navarraojr.com | @dnavarrojr

Anthony Burchell

I am a designer and a developer. I spend my time creating new and exciting things with WordPress and am a Core Contributor. Since I was 8 years old I have been obsessed with design and programming. I worked in advertising from the age of 15 to 22 and since then I have shifted my focus to the world wide web and am working at WP Engine to make WordPress more awesome!

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Contactantpb.com | @antpb

Kevin Moser

Kevin Moser is the webmaster for Peru State College in Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in psychology, but learned web development from the school of hard knocks. He is so passionate about WordPress that he built Peru State’s new website on it. Work tends to dominate his life, but when he has free time he enjoys photography, bicycling, and writing.

Hometown: Elgin, Neb.

Contact: peru.edu | @VinMoser

Michelle Schulp

Michelle is an independent graphic designer in Minneapolis (formerly Chicago). Her formal education is in design including print, branding, packaging, etc., with additional education in Psychology and Sociology, all tying together in a love of How To Solve Problems. Lately she has been specializing in WordPress websites and high-end presentations for her clients. She loves the WordPress community and speaks/volunteers/organizes at WordCamps and events around the country.

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Contactmarktimemedia.com | @marktimemedia

Dan Beil

Dan has been working with WordPress since 2009 and loves focusing on clean and performant code.  At Alley Interactive, he spends his time making enterprise level themes and plugins for large media clients.  His free time is mostly taken up with his two Siberian Huskies, video games, and the “joy” of home ownership.

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.

Contact: alleyinteractive.com | @add_action_dan

Frankie Jarrett

Frankie Jarrett is a full-stack developer from St. Joseph, Missouri who has been building PHP web applications and WordPress products since 2007. He is Senior WordPress Product Engineer at GoDaddy and loves the fact that he gets to work with WordPress every single day.

From launching his own theme shop in 2011, to building large-scale enterprise websites, authoring dozens of plugins, and now creating amazing product experiences on GoDaddy’s managed hosting platform – WordPress has always been at the center of Frankie’s career, and he plans to keep it that way!

Outside of work, Frankie is the director of music and worship at his local church. He enjoys being a new dad to his newborn son, Rivers, traveling with his wife, Gracie, smoking his own BBQ and yelling at the TV during sports games.

Hometown: St. Joseph, Mo.

Contact: frankiejarrett.com | @frankiejarrett

Josh Collinsworth

Josh Collinsworth is a graphic designer and WordPress developer from Omaha, Nebraska. In his free time he serves as Director of Communication and Marketing on the board of AIGA Nebraska, dabbles in illustration, and blogs on design-related topics on his website. Josh’s outside passions include iced coffee, craft beer, local food and growing a beard — so in order to avoid being mistaken for a hipster, he listens to pop music on a regular basis.

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Contact: joshcollinsworth.com | @jjcollinsworth

Marianne Worthington

Marianne loves super hero shirts, sequins, selfies and exclamation points! She is also the founder of Work Warrior LLC, a company that helps small business owners build highly functional teams by empowering their employees to become self sufficient. For over a decade Marianne has been fortunate enough to build teams that have exceeded benchmarks, saved client relationships, increased sales…done things most thought were impossible. By focusing on the tangible aspect of team building she has helped teams make the seemingly impossible.  In 2010, Marianne received her Master’s in Organizational Development from Avila University.

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.

Contactwork-warrior.com | @work_warrior

Trevan Hetzel

Trevan Hetzel is a front-end developer with a background in design and adaptive layouts. He lives in Glenwood, Iowa with his wife, Katie, and two young boys, Ryder and Reid. Outside of his job at Flywheel as a front-end engineer, Trevan spends his nights and weekend designing, developing and selling client websites and tinkering with the latest technologies. When he’s not goofing off with his son or tackling home projects with his wife, Trevan gets his mind out of the code editor by firing up his dirt bike and hitting the motocross track.

Hometown: Glenwood, Iowa

Contact: trevan.co | @trevanhetzel

William M. Riley

Hi, I’m a full-stack developer and open tech evangelist. I’m a developer at the design company Grain & Mortar, and I’m Director of New Media at AIGA Nebraska, an organization focused on connecting designers.

I’m passionate about educating people on the direction tech has been, and is going, through good design.

Wearables, The Internet of Things, location-based services, mobile, and serendipitous social discovery: Those are my focuses among others, and tend to be grouped into the term “context.”

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Contactwilliamriley.me | @bill_riley

Tyler Golberg

Tyler Golberg is a commodity trader by day and web design enthusiast by night. He started programming websites in 2005 working on bigger projects, like HomeSpot HQ. In 2011 he started using WordPress and discovered a love of using the platform to help small businesses and organizations find a home on the web.

Hometown: Alexandria, Minn.

Contactcybersprout.net | @cybersproutnet