Meet the WordCamp Omaha Speakers: Trevan Hetzel


Trevan Hetzel is a front-end developer with a background in design and adaptive layouts. He lives in Glenwood, Iowa with his wife, Katie, and two young boys, Ryder and Reid. Outside of his job at Flywheel as a front-end engineer, Trevan spends his nights and weekend designing, developing and selling client websites and tinkering with the latest technologies. When he’s not goofing off with his son or tackling home projects with his wife, Trevan gets his mind out of the code editor by firing up his dirt bike and hitting the motocross track.

Hometown: Glenwood, Iowa

Contact: | @trevanhetzel

Session: Super Fast WordPress Themes

Today’s web users have the need for speed. With internet and cellular connections getting faster and faster, users expect sites to feel snappy and not make them wait. We as developers must make sure we’re doing our very best to serve those pages quickly. This talk will focus on the things you should be doing, both on the front-end and back-end, when building WordPress themes.

WordCamp Omaha 2015 is happening Oct. 10-11 at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus. Get tickets today!