Meet the WordCamp Omaha Speakers: Josh Collinsworth


Josh Collinsworth is a graphic designer and WordPress developer from Omaha, Nebraska. In his free time he serves as Director of Communication and Marketing on the board of AIGA Nebraska, dabbles in illustration, and blogs on design-related topics on his website. Josh’s outside passions include iced coffee, craft beer, local food and growing a beard — so in order to avoid being mistaken for a hipster, he listens to pop music on a regular basis.

Hometown: Omaha, Neb.

Contact: | @jjcollinsworth

Session: Be Classless: Optimizing Your CSS for WordPress

It’s easy to get caught up adding HTML classes (and IDs) to each and every element we want to style, but the fact is, WordPress helps us out with specific targeting by adding its own classes and IDs to certain elements on every page and post. Cleverly utilizing WordPress’s default page build along with CSS’s pseudo classes and combinators makes it possible to be highly specific with our targeted styles while leaving the original HTML completely alone. In short, if we look for ways, we can often avoid adding more classes and wrapping text in spans to have WordPress and CSS do the work for us.

WordCamp Omaha 2015 is happening Oct. 10-11 at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus. Get tickets today!