Meet the WordCamp Omaha Speakers: Anthony Burchell

anthonyI am a designer and a developer. I spend my time creating new and exciting things with WordPress and am a Core Contributor. Since I was 8 years old I have been obsessed with design and programming. I worked in advertising from the age of 15 to 22 and since then I have shifted my focus to the world wide web and am working at WP Engine to make WordPress more awesome!

Hometown: Austin, Texas | @antpb

Session: Helping Core

This talk will highlight the many different ways to give back to Core WordPress. At a high level I will go over the core trac ticketing system and how to talk within tickets. I will even be diving into Vagrant and show how to set up a development environment and create a patch. This talk will take some of the ambiguity out of contributing to Core and focus mainly on teaching how to do the little things that lead to bigger impacts.

WordCamp Omaha 2015 is happening Oct. 10-11 at Metropolitan Community College’s Fort Omaha Campus. Get tickets today!